100% RPET bottles, the future is sustainable

GEPACK is continuously developing innovative products with high focus on sustainability. Having that said, we developed the 1st commercial 100% RPET bottle for olive oil back in 2018. Nowadays, GEPACK is already rolling out, partnered with a major retailer, a self-service juice line with 100% RPET bottles. Consumers and suppliers alike are more and more interested in PCR plastic and other more sustainable options. GEPACK is continuously fostering and delivering alternatives to match our consumer demands.

All of GEPACK’s catalogue bottles are 100% RPET, Resin and range from 250 to 1000ml. Bottle decorations are a big part of what we do, that’s why we always ensure they have the highest quality. As a matter of fact, our bottles are so lightweight that they actually lower transport costs, that’s a plus for the customers. Another option they have is to choose from 100% virgin PET up to 100% PCR/Virgin resin. This option makes them perfect for a wide variety of products. Regarding PET, it is a remarkable energy efficient packaging material, strong and versatile. Being reusable and the most recycled material in the packaging industry, PET has an excellent sustainability profile. GEPACK embraces sustainability in every business by using its highly automated and flexible manufacturing and logistics platform. With a MOQ as low as 1 box, we are versatile and ready to make ends meet with our customers.
All of GEPACK’s products are 100% recyclable and also produced using 35 to 45% clean energy.