Gepack's Front Building - 100% RPET bottles

Creating Life Packaging

We are expert manufacturer of top quality and innovative products: a large variety of PET bottles and jars in any shape or color, creating a true alternative to glass.

GEPACK is a family-owned business with 40 years of experience in the PET industry, experts operating with PET resin since the 80’s. We partner with our customers to deliver high quality innovative packaging – bottles, jars, miniatures and all the components and services that go with them.

PET is the most incredible packaging material: reusable, recyclable, resource efficient, light, safe, strong and shatter proof. Versatile and safe and with the lowest carbon footprint when compared to other equivalent packaging materials. This is true for virgin resin but also in its recycling process and after use. And yes, it is BPA free.

With a portfolio of more than 500 bottles and jars shapes, we offer a wide range of products in any color and comptible closures such as caps, pumps, droppers. In addition to our extensive standard references, we have our own Project Design & Engineering department able to deliver all custom requests from sketch to production under 4 weeks. Thus over the years we became a worldwide reference supplying Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic Spirits and Food markets. More than 70% of the products are delivered to foreigner markets, we operate in a truly global market.

Back in 1981 we were manufacturing the first ever PET bottle made in Portugal for Vimeiro spring waters. And this was the beginning of an incredible journey within the PET containers industry, bringing life to PET packaging.

In 2002 GEPACK’s HQ, the new state of the art facilities was operating in Aveiras de Cima, born out of the passion, boldness and dedication of the founding team and leveraged on the 20 years’ experience working within the PET industry.

Within its pioneering path GEPACK proudly announced in 2005 a new cutting-edge ISO 6 FDA 1,000 Clean Room. This was the 1st facility of this kind in Portugal and 2nd PET Manufacturer in Europe with this capability designed to serve the highest demands of our clients of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Moving forward and always supported on technology, in 2014 the plant size grew to include a 16 meters high automated warehouse. GEPACK has more than 10.000 pallets warehouse dedicated to security stocks and is able to further challenge its SLA’s.

Believing that sustainability and efficiency are key factors to a better future, for both planet and business, +1 Mw of Solar Energy plant was installed in 2016. This infrastructure allowed GEPACK to improve by +25% its manufacturing efficiency and do it with clean energy.

Continuous growth meant to depart from our HQ and Portugal, thus in 2018 we grew our inhouse operations within Europe. GEPACK also invested in inhouse RPET and BioPET infrastructures to diversify sustainability and provide more flexibility to our customers.

Leading the way on industrial clean energy production in Portugal, in 2019 a 1.2Mw Geothermal Energy Station is installed. It is also the biggest national facility of this kind. Our products are manufactured with more than 45% clean energy.

Future proofing our business means not only to grow in 2020 but to invest in technological platforms across all the processes: Automation, AGVs, 6axis Robots, Digital Intelligence … all to assure extreme flexibility delivered directly to our customers.

GEPACK has a fast-paced focused team delivering innovative packaging, PET bottles, Jars, Lids, Caps, Decoration, assuring our partners long term success. Together, we brainstorm and implement high-quality cost-efficient solutions. We believe that high standards certifications, high performance equipment, sustainable energy and state of the art facilities are part of our way to achieve great products, nonetheless it is through our team that we deliver service excellence every day.

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