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New 6L Reusable ECO Bottle

For 3 years now, New Water Project has selected GEPACK as their partner for the innovative, reusable, ECO water concept. The new 6L ECO bottle extends reusable concept to a unique design. This bottle shares the features of its predecessors, as it is a modern and unique piece of art. With the demand for safer, cleaner options rising, people are starting to expect a certain level of quality.

What makes ECO Water and ECO Bottles a sustainable solution?

Although water sustains life on earth, pure and safe water is becoming a rare commodity. Water passes through as many as 16 stages in the whole process in some systems. Purify ECO‘s bottled water system is the result of two unique elements that make it environmentally friendly: Our Reusable ECO Bottle and our tap water Filtration Station. Together they are a source of quality, innovative, sustainable and more economical water. ECO, anticipating an inevitable shift in water consumption, intends to encourage a fundamental change in consumer behaviour for the benefit of the Planet and future generations. A brand with an innovative solution that avoids the use of tons of unnecessary disposable plastic and actively contributes to a cleaner Planet.

With the demand for sustainable solutions rising, clients expect an offer of a broader range of products, with increased quality. #New 6L Reusable ECO Bottle